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Are You In a Pickle?

Lifelong educator Dr. Patricia L. Pickles distills her years of experience into this essential reference book for any adult involved in the education of our young people. Dr. Pickles details how perseverance can lead to great rewards and shares strategies for improving students’ performance and closing achievement gaps. She talks candidly about her personal experiences in education, delivering leadership-centric information that you won’t get from typical textbooks. The community at large will also find much to love about this inspirational.....

Chronic Mental Illness

A plea for compassion, better understanding, and more funding to help those with mental illness and their caregivers. Eace Bee was a promising young student hoping to become an architect or a rapper when, nearing the end of high school, he was, by his own account, struck down by crippling mental illness. Diagnosed as a severe paranoid schizophrenic, he has for 20-plus years struggled with mood swings that can make him seem menacing, voices from animate and inanimate objects that.....